PLEASE NOTE: This is a totally volunteer project and NOT a commercial enterprise. We will be working to solve genealogical mysteries together as family researchers who share the Knapp surname.  If you are a Knapp descendant and have already tested Y-DNA with FTDNA, or if you have done an Autosomal DNA test and joined GedMatch, a private Facebook group has been started where we can work together to help with researching your Knapp ancestry and perhaps help you break through some brick walls.  Contact me by email for information on how to become a member.

My name is Wyatt Knapp and I've been researching my Knapp ancestry for over 30 years. I'm excited to let you know that those of us with the Knapp surname finally have an opportunity to be involved in a genetic genealogy research project like several other surnames have had for years. The Knapp Surname Project was started in February of 2007.

Here are the goals of the project:

1. To help Knapp family researchers break through their brick walls and find their Knapp ancestry by establishing a baseline of reference DNA results from the three immigrant ancestors: Aaron, Roger, and Nicholas Knapp.

2. To establish through DNA once and for all whether Aaron, Roger, and Nicholas Knapp were related and if so how closely.

3. To settle once and for all whether or not William KNOPP, who came to America on the same ship as Nicholas Knapp, was related to said Nicholas Knapp.

4. To compare our results with any Knapp DNA projects in England and Europe with the hopes of connecting with Knapps there in order to provide the English and possibly European (German?) ancestry of the three Knapp immigrant ancestors.

In keeping with goal #1 above, Stage One of our project has been to establish a baseline reference for each of the three Knapp immigrant ancestors. Here's how it works:

If you are a male with the surname "Knapp", and you can prove your ancestry to Nicholas Knapp, you could be participate and your results would be listed under Nicholas Knapp as one of his baseline samples. Only males with the surname Knapp can be tested at this time and only those who can document their lineage back to their particular Knapp ancestor. If you are a female descendant you would need to have a male Knapp relative tested such as a Knapp brother, cousin, etc.

The same would be done for Aaron and Roger Knapp. Eventually we could add descendants of William Knopp if they wish to participate.

The test is completely private. Posted results are given a code number and only you can decide if you wish to communicate with others who share your results. The test is a simple and painless swab of the inside of the cheek. The DNA being analyzed is so called "junk Y-DNA." It's not going to reveal anything about you that you would want private. It's merely a portion of the DNA that is passed on from father to son over the generations. Junk DNA it may be, but it's very useful for genealogy!

Once we have established the baseline samples for each immigrant ancestor we can proceed to Stage Two which will open up the opportunity for testing to all with the surname Knapp. They will then be able to see how or if they match the baseline samples.

As I said previously, results are coming in and it's an exciting time for Knapp Family Genealogy! We have results so far representing five different lines including the immigrant ancestor Nicholas Knapp of Watertown, Massachusetts and also Aaron Knapp of Taunton, Massachusetts. Results so far are revealing some interesting information. One age old Knapp relationship question is already being addressed -- whether Aaron Knapp of Taunton, Massachusetts and Nicholas Knapp of Watertown, Massachusetts were related. DNA results at this point indicate they were not related!

We are looking to further expand our baseline data and also are looking to find out if Aaron Knapp and Roger Knapp were related.

We could really use two or three more people from the Nicholas Knapp and Aaron Knapp lines, and four or five from Roger Knapp's line who have solid documentation for their lineage. Please consider helping if you can. More representation from these lines would give us a good enough baseline to start phase II of the project which would open testing to all who are researching a Knapp ancestor. If you are from any of these lines and have already been tested, please let me know. There is a way I can include your results.

If you are interested in participating in this historic project please email me at 04_knapp_gen at I'll explain how it works and if you have any questions or concerns I'll do my best to address them.

I believe this DNA project to be an exciting and important Knapp Genealogy Research effort. It has the potential to provide answers to some long-standing Knapp Surname mysteries, and to clear up longstanding lineage questions. This can only help to bring about a better understanding of the story of the Knapp Family in America.

Fun stuff as we solve old Knapp Family mysteries together!!

Take care,
--Wyatt R. Knapp--
Knapp Surname DNA
Project Administrator

Please feel free to browse around the site. Also, please feel free to contribute your Knapp ancestry to the site even if you don't wish to participate in the testing at this time. Just send it along to me and I'll post it on the site along with credit to you for your contirbution.



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