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12 October 1999

Research done at the beginning of 1999 has been addedto our previous knowledge about Jacob Knapp and his family in Fabius, NewYork. The conclusion reached is that the parents of Jacob Knapp were Thomas and Martha Knapp of Fabius. Though this had been a theory for some time, evidence to sustain it was found after further searchingand study of the census and the surviving deed records of Fabius, Onondaga County, New York. Following is the evidence and rational that has been used to reach this conclusion.

We know that Jacob Knapp met and married Martha Benson in Fabius, Onondaga County, New York. Jacob Knapp can be found in census records there. There are other Knapps in the census records as well.

If we look at the U.S. Census information for the town of Fabius we find the following:

1800-No Knapps in Fabius.

1810- Two Knapps are listed in Fabius with their families. Elijah Knapp and Thomas Knapp.

1820-Four Knapps are now listed in the town of Fabius with their families. There is Jacob Knapp, Nathan Knapp, Nathaniel Knapp, and Thomas Knapp. Elijah Knapp is no longer listed there as he has moved to Painted Post, Lindley, Steuben County, New York.

1830-Jacob is the only Knapp left in Fabius but he won't be there for long. He was in Ohio by 1832.

1840-No Knapps in Fabius.

They all came to live together in Fabius. It's obvious they were related to each other. They all left by 1832, but there is no evidence at this time that the other Knapps settled or moved to the places Jacob Knapp did in Ohio. But these are obviously relatives of Jacob Knapp. Here is the information from each of the U.S. Censuses where Knapps appear in Fabius, New York.



A question mark indicates that the mark in the box was illegible on the original copy.

In the U.S. Census for 1830 Jacob Knapp is the only Knapp left in Fabius and he is listed as "Jacob C. Knapp." Here is the information from that census.

1 male under 5
2 males of 5 and under 10
1 male of ten and under fifteen
1 male of fifteen and under twenty
1 male of forty and under fifty

1 female of ten and under fifteen
1 female of thirty and under forty

We continue now by looking at information from the deed records for Fabius during this time period.

First, no Fabius, Onondaga County Grantee records for any of these Knapp's appear to have survived to the present day.

However, the following Grantor records can be found:

Book "R", pg. 389 Thomas Knapp and Martha Knapp his wife, convey to Abel Curtis 12 acres on Lot #19 in Fabius in consideration of the sum of $170.00 on September 17, 1814.

Book "U", pg. 90 Thomas Knapp and Martha Knapp his wife, convey to Anthony Snyder 25 acres on lot #17subdivision #2 in Fabius on May 15, 1816.

Then in Book "WW", pg. 127 there is an indenture that was made on July 23, 1823. (It wasn't filed until 1832). In this indenture Martha Knapp, Jacob Knapp and Martha Knapp his wife, and Nathan Knapp and Phebe Knapp his wife, are conveying to John C. Conklin, 8 acres, 2 roods, and 12 rods of land on lot #7 in Fabius

This indicates that Thomas Knapp had passed away and his widow Martha, and sons Jacob and Nathan, were selling the last of his estate. The relationship of Thomas Knapp as the father of Jacob and Nathan must be assumed given the usage of the day. Using the census and deed records it looks like Thomas Knapp died somewhere between 1820 and 1823.

Finally, there is the September 12, 1877 death record of Nathan Knapp (the brother of Jacob Knapp) at the Berrien County Clerk's Office in Stevensville, Michigan. It's in Book A, page 195, line22. It clearly states that the name of Nathan Knapp's father was Thomas Knapp.

Given that there are no wills or probate records for any of these Knapps in Onondaga County, and that no Fabius cemetery records have revealed any further information on them, the next step will be to gain more information about them through records to be found at previous places of residence for Thomas Knapp and his wife Martha.

-Wyatt R. Knapp
12 October 1999

22 January 2003

Thomas Knapp has been located in the 1800 census for Norfolk, Litchfield County, Connecticut. Since there were only two Knapps with the given name of Thomas in all of New York and Connecticut, one of them seemed likely to be ours. The one in New York was found to be Thomas Ebenezer Knapp of Northeast, Dutchess County. That left only the Connecticut Thomas to be ours.

A check of the actual census image provided not only correct ages for his known family members but a surprise entry as well. Listed next after Thomas, but not listed in any index for the 1800 census, was Elijah Knapp! Both Thomas and Elijah disappear from Norfolk by the time of the 1810 census and they appear that year in the 1810 census for Fabius, New York (See above).

Below is the information from the 1800 Norfolk Census.

The male under 10 would be Nathan Knapp and the male 10 to 15 would be Jacob Knapp. As you can see there are other Knapps on the same page of this census who are associated with Thomas. Perhaps Nehemiah and David will provide us with clues to the ancestry of Thomas Knapp.

-Wyatt R. Knapp
22 January 2003

18 February 2003

Further research of the Norfolk, Connecticut and Fabius, New York marriage, census and deed records by Wyatt R. Knapp has revealed a possible sister of Jacob Knapp. Her name was Hannah and she was born about 1782. Hannah married Eli Morehouse in 1801 in Norfolk, Litchfield County, Connecticut. The Morehouses were neighbors of Jacob's father (Thomas Knapp) in Norfolk. Later, Hannah and Eli Morehouse lived next door to Thomas Knapp in the 1810 census for Fabius, New York.

22 June 2008

DNA results show that Jacob Knapp and his father Thomas are not descended from Nicholas Knapp.  


17 October 2008
Did Thomas Knapp have a son or brother named Elijah?  Has this Elijah been connected to the wrong family in the Nicholas Knapp Genealogy?  Click here to read more.


10 December 2012

I thought I would add this graphic I made with information on all the heads of families in the 1800 census for Norfolk, Litchfield County, Connecticut by the name of "Knap" and "Knapp". Perhaps someone will recognize someone here. I think the page of the census that lists Caleb, Elias, Silas, Samuel and Samuel 2nd has good potential for identification. If you recognize any of the Knapps here, or any family from this 1800 Norfolk, Connecticut census that lives near any of these Knapps, please let me know.

Most of the families living near Thomas and Elijah in this census are related in some way (Scoville, Barnes, Morehouse, etc.)


Elijah Jacob Samuel Thomas Ebenezer Knapp


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