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by Wyatt R. Knapp, ©1999

For many years I was familiar with a basic pine pitch and ashes recipe for making hafting glue and it worked well. However, later on I came across a different recipe for it that was sent to me from The Primitive Skills Group. Since that time I have used this recipe for all my stone point hafting and it works great! I think the addition of the tallow provides added stability ( If you don't have tallow, beeswax works great too). This type of hafting glue is an excellent adhesive with amazing holding power. Use it in connection with a wrap of sinew for a nice authentic looking hafting job. Here's the recipe:

5 parts pitch
1 part wood ashes
1 part tallow

You can spoon the mixture out on to waxed paper and roll it into a stick and then melt as much as you want to use as needed. Or gather balls of it on to sticks to make "pitch sticks".

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hafted point

The above picture is of an atlatl dart foreshaft made by Wyatt R. Knapp. He made the stone point for it as well. The point is hafted with pine pitch glue and backstrap sinew. Wyatt shares instructions for exactly how to do the same thing yourself in THE NEW ATLATL AND DART WORKBOOK. Learn how to make your own atlatl and dart set, how to feather fletch arrows and darts the way Ötzi The Iceman did it over 4,000 years ago, how to make and use sinew and so much more. Click here to order your copy!

haftingturkey fletchingsinew tie









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