History And Primitive Technology Links
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A list of links for history and primitive technology buffs like us!


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Primitive Technology

Native Tech
Dedicated to the celebration and study of American Indian technology and art.

Native Way
I don't know where to start in describing this phenomenal site. If you want to know what your primitive art replicas should emulate, go here. If you need supplies, kits or authentic primitive style collectables this is the site. Check it out and see if I'm not right!


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The Stone Pages
An absolutely marvelous site that explores megalithic stone works from England, Ireland, Scotland, France, etc. Find out about Stonehenge and other stone circles, rings, lines, and drawings. Descriptive text accompanies beautiful, haunting photography. A wonderful site!




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History & Primitive Technology Page


Flintknapping: Observations & hints, hafting glue, etc.


Buckskinning Skills: Making gunflints, ancient Firemaking techniques, etc.


Primitive and Traditional Skills Links.


What does "Onagocag" mean?


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