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(In 1996, Wyatt R. Knapp authored and designed "The History & Primitive Technology Page" and uploaded it to the world wide web. At the time it was one of the few sites dealing with such a broad range of primitive skills & articles of historical interest. Over the years the site garnered over half a million visits and countless references, links, and reprints of his articles and plans. The content of the original site is now housed here at Onagocag Publishing as a source of reference for those seeking it's information.)


Primitive is defined as "of or pertaining to an earliest or original stage or state." It does not mean less intelligent, or less creative, or less inventive. On the contrary, the things you will read about at this site will show how wonderfully creative, and extremely patient these early people were. You will be impressed with an amazing machine that was used as a fire-starter. It uses a principle that will be familiar to those who know about diesel engines. You will learn about how extraordinarily beautiful tools can be made from stone, many with edges that are sharper than our finest surgical steel blades.

This is the place to explore, discuss, and exchange information on matters pertaining to history from the stone-age to the turn of the century. It is also intended to be a place that will inspire people who come here to connect again with the world in a purer sense, by experiencing this ancient inventiveness and creativity for themselves.

So step inside...you may find out what those Nazca lines really are. Or find out what it would take to tan a piece of leather, or to be an Aztec who can pierce conquestador armor with a powerful stone-age dart thrower. Included also will be a section on more recent historical mysteries and discussions.

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