Over twenty years ago, I posed a simple question to some genealogy lists. I asked if anyone could tell me what was the source for the idea, or was there any real evidence that, Thomas Ebenezer Knapp who married Lois Bearse had a son named Thomas who was born in 1758. And if said son could be proven, was there any evidence that he could be the the same as Thomas Knapp who lived in Fabius, Onondaga County, New York between about 1802 and 1830. After over 35 years of research, the answer to that question is that currently there is no evidence that Thomas E. Knapp and Lois Bearse had a son named "Thomas." Not only that, but barring a misassignment in the Nicholas Knapp genealogy somewhere in Thomas Ebenezer Knapp's lineage, there is no way he could be. The DNA from our Thomas Knapp proves that his descendants are NOT of the Nicholas Knapp line and the Nicholas Knapp Genealogy traces Thomas Ebenezer Knapp back to Nicholas Knapp.

One would think that a simple question and accompanying theories for research such as posed above would be harmless enough. Folks would look into it and find if there was evidence or not, and if there wasn't that would be the end of it. Until it's proven all we could say is, "We think this is a good place to look." But that question I posed 20 years ago has haunted me ever since, as some people on the interent genealogy lists immediately pounced on it and started publishing genealogies that contained the research idea as fact. It has been impossible to stop the spread of this virus. Every time I think it's gone it appears somewhere new.

Please, if you see this presented in print or on the internet, politely inform the person who published the information that it is incorrect. If the site allows comments, please let them know the correct information and direct them to this website for the latest information. There is no value in an incorrect or fantasy genealogy. And it does such a disservice to those whose memory and lives we strive to honor.

Currently, we have no information on the ancestry of Thomas Knapp of Fabius except that he is not of the Nicholas Knapp line. If anything changes we will publish the news right here and celebrate!



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